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Spring Cleaning

Move over, bleach and ammonia - a new cleaning superhero is in town! May I introduce essential oils, nature's affordable, eco-friendly, and just as effective (if not more) alternative to store bought cleaners. For the last year, we've been featuring a free dishcloth pattern every week, so I thought it would be fun to explore natural cleaners to use with your dishcloths. Not only are conventional cleaners expensive, they can also be hazardous to your health and the environment. Using essential oils to create your own cleaning spray is safe for your family's health and phenomenal at eradicating salmonella, e.coli, MRSA, pneumonia and a slew of other insidious little nasties (source). This spray is perfect for cleaning hard surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. Let's get started!

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Free Dishcloth Pattern – Tulip

Welcome to Week 14 of our Clean & Crafty Free Pattern series! This week, the sun is out (for now) and we are enjoying all the beautiful flowers now in bloom. So it makes sense we'd have this adorable free Tulip Dishcloth pattern this week.

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Free Dishcloth Pattern – Aries

Calling all Aries (and those who love them)! We have a project just for you - check out the third in our year long Zodiac Dishcloth Series - the Aries Dishcloth by Beth Major.

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