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Knit Picks staff: Amber
Things we love: staff favorites

Did you know that every one of the Knit Picks staff knits and/or crochets? In fact, even our customer service representatives are experienced knitters - along with two of our IT staff members. It's true - we're knitters too! We thought you might enjoy meeting some of our staff and seeing a few of their favorite items. Knit Picks staff favorites: Michelle's picks

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Behind the Scenes: Creating Hawthorne

If you're anything like me, you've been drooling over our new Hawthorne yarn colors. I cannot wait to spend many happy evenings knitting colorful scarves and baby sweaters with the delicious new Multi colors and Tonal line.

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Knits For Everybody Two – Behind the Scenes!

Y'all, Knits for Everybody Two! is here and it is excellent. Basic sweaters, hats and mittens that fit a huge range of sizes (think teeny babies to big fellas) with beginner-friendly silhouettes. Not only is the collection solid, but each pattern was photographed on the lovely people who work here! Read on for some cute behind-the-scenes shots and outtakes from our new favorite collection.

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Podcast 257: Luxurious Lace

That's right, we're reviving the Knit Picks Podcast! In each episode we'll be exploring a knitting theme, featuring Knit Picks staff members discussing their favorite topics. In honor of our newly released advanced lace collection, Luxurious Lace, we'll be talking about all things lace.

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Knit in Public Day 2017

This past Saturday the Knit Picks staff celebrated World Wide Knit In Public Day 2017 with an event at Overlook Park in Portland, OR. We invited our local customers and their friends to join us for an afternoon of making friends and enjoying our favorite hobbies. We were delighted to welcome over 100 Knit Picks fans to our Knit Pick-nic!

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Artful Arches Sock Pattern Collection from
Behind the Scenes of Artful Arches

When you work here at Knit Picks, you never know when you'll be called upon to model, or what. One day it might be mittens, another day a glorious shawl - or most recently, socks! Here's a peek at behind the scenes photography of Artful Arches, our new sock pattern collection.

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Behind the Scenes for 9 Lives

You guys. Have you seen the new 9 Lives pattern collection?! Our latest pattern collection, is a celebration of cats and the people who love them. You guys. Have you seen the new 9 Lives pattern collection?! Our latest pattern collection, is a celebration of cats and the people who love them. The planning meeting was so much fun and you should have heard the chorus of "squees!" in the office every time received progress photos from the test knitters. Today, I'm bringing you some behind the scenes photos from our shoot at the wonderful local kitty cafe, Purringtons Cat Lounge!

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Cat on Sweater
Spring Break- 2017 Crafty Resolutions Check In

Wondering how the Knit Picks staff is faring with their New Year's Resolutions now that a quarter of the year has passed? I was too, since, statistically speaking those with remaining New Years Resolutions, like myself, have less than a 50% percent chance of completing them. ACK! But I'm a glass-half-full type, so I'm confident there is still time. Let's see how the others have progressed since our last check in.

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