Monthly Archives: September 2014

Fall Into Creature Comforts


Well, the autumnal equinox was last week and I could feel its effects right away. It was like the earth just decided to skip any transitional weather and cut to the chase. But that’s ok with me, because I love fall! I’m ready for snuggling under layers of blankets, resting on a cloud of lovely pillows, and putting down rugs to warm my feet from the hardwood floors in my apartment. Luckily our newest pattern collection, Creature Comforts, is all about warmth and coziness.

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Color Made Easy

The difference between a pile of yarn and the launching pad for your next creative masterpiece is color coordination. A thoughtfully-curated color palette will bring cohesion, beauty and sparkle to your project.

Candy Rainbow

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Mugging for the Camera

New Mugs!Our new Knit Picks mugs are here and I’m so thrilled with how they turned out! It was a long process to turn them from ideas and sketches into actual objects but ultimately very satisfying. Turns out it’s really cool to drink coffee out of a mug you had a hand in designing, who knew? And it’s always awesome to add some crafty love to everyday objects. I wanted to give you all a little peek into our process for designing these mugs.

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Call for Podcast Submissions: Make or Break It



The weather is cooling down and perhaps you’re looking at patterns closely, wondering if they are the designs destined to become your favorite hand-knitted garments. Maybe you like top down or bottom up exclusively. Maybe you only work in skinny yarns or bulky weight. Maybe you like to learn a new technique, or maybe you like colorwork or just a bit of lace. Our upcoming podcast entitled “Make or Break It” is about what makes a good pattern. We know that you know what works for you. Won’t you tell us what that is?

What three things do you look for in a pattern, that make it something you’d cast on for? Call our hotline at 360-334-4847 and let us know. If we use your recording in the podcast, you’ll get a “charm pack” of our favorite yarns.  Call now!


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The Summer of Stroll Brights

Wasn’t it a great summer? I fell in love…with Stroll Brights. I haven’t loved a yarn line this much in a long, long time. Now that most of it is sold out, those of us here in the office who loved it are scrounging around, looking for scraps in each other’s stashes to finish our neon projects. I have a few to finish up that I can’t wait to show you! This one, my go-to sweater for all newborns, is made in the colorway Hot Tamale (still available!).


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Diadem Solids!

Diadem Alpaca Silk Yarn

Diadem DK was a very special and very limited edition yarn that first made its appearance during last year’s epic Cyber Monday sale. The metallic hues were incredible and the plush DK weight of this alpaca silk yarn was absolutely lovely – which is why we are so happy to see this yarn back in an array of saturated solids inspired by prized jewels and gemstones.

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