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Embroidery: How to do the Crochet Chain Stitch

Keeping in the theme of embroidery, this week’s technique highlights the crochet chain stitch! This embroidery technique allows you to easily create
outlines for shapes and motifs with a stitch that actually resembles the shape of
a knit stitch. Whether you outline an intarsia pattern or you create freeform shapes across a pillow or blanket, the possibility for using this stitch to introduce fun pops of color into your next project are endless. The beauty of this particular stitch is that you can really create curves and shapes, making it up as you go right on top of the surface of your knitted fabric.

And to help you embellish your knits, watch Kerin’s video tutorial on the crochet chain to get started!


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Make do and Mend

It’s that time of year again: time to put away the sandals and dig
through my collection of warm, comforting handknit socks. The only
problem is that my sock drawer is empty – all of my socks are in the
darning pile!

I’ve often heard folks say, “Darning? That’s when I say “darn!” as I
toss them out!” I, however, prefer the old wartime motto: ‘Use it up,
wear it out, make it do or do without.’

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Teaching an old dog new tricks

Here at Knit Picks headquarters, there are a lot of talented folks.
Between us, Connecting Threads (our quilting division) and Artist’s Club
(our painting division), there are lots of different skills
represented. Recently we started having some lunchtime classes to share
these skills, and over the past two weeks I’ve been learning to crochet!

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve learned to crochet. I believe
this is actually the fourth. Each time I try to learn, I inevitably do
something really wonky, and give up the failed attempt. But this time,
I’m determined to make it stick.

I grabbed one of our Harmony Crochet Hooks and some Brava Bulky, and set to making quite a mess of things. But after two lessons and a lot of “no, no, through that loop,” and “you’re going the wrong way!” from Jenny K and Kim, I managed to make my first granny squares!

They’re not stellar, but it is the first time I’ve ever crocheted something that looked like the thing it was supposed to be…

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Book Review of Indie Socks

How many times have you fallen in love with sock yarn skeins that have been hand-dyed by a talented independent artist know as an “Indie-Dyer”. Oftentimes, I am drawn to more than just a couple of skeins. I find myself wanting nearly everything that particular artist makes. I call it the “sensibility” of an artist.

Attending the two Sock Summits that have taken place here in Portland highlighted the concept of sensibility. Think of it as walking through a huge museum of Indie Dyers. Each booth full of yarn and fiber had a definite sense of color and style.


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Podcast Episode 199: Interview with Anna Dalvi

Not ready to let go of your summer knitting just yet? Keep your lace projects inspired with this week’s podcast as Kelley chats with designer Anna Dalvi, author of the books Shaping Shawls and Ancient Egyptian Lace & Color. Hear all about Anna’s love of shawls and her design process for her book Shaping Shawls, which focuses on construction techniques for shawls. In her newest book, Ancient Egyptian …

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Afternoon Knits



I’m in serious stashbusting mode these days. As I’m packing up boxes of
books, bags of clothes and wrapping my dishes in paper in preparation
to move to a brand new apartment, I’ve had plenty of time to size up my
rather ponderous stash of yarn. I’ve gotten rid of several paper bags
full of yarn that I hadn’t even thought of using for at least a
year (I’d even moved some of it three times!) but I still feel a little
bit embarrassed at just how many balls of Palette and Wool of the Andes Worsted
I have kicking around in baskets and tucked under my futon. I just
can’t bring myself to part with even one more skein! So, between packing
and cleaning I’ve been busily trying all sorts of new patterns, just to
convert those balls of yarn into potential presents.

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Spooky Winners

Thanks everyone for entering our Spooky contest!  I fired up the ol random number generator & came up with 6 winners!

Winners of the Wonderfully Horrific Crochet:

  • Kim E. (who loves witches & zombies)
  • Rosalie R. (who loves witches & gouls)
  • Charlene M. (who loves monsters & zombies)


And the winners of Super Scary Mochimochi

  • Peggy K. (who celebrates Halloween all year)
  • Andi (who loves bats)
  • Amy B. (who loves the mummy kitty)


I’ve contacted all the winners so check your email!

Thanks everyone for playing – I hope we see some new knitted & crochet creatures popping up soon!

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Wearwithall – Knits for Your Life

The five knitters who came together to create Wearwithall wanted to offer a knitwear collection with enough variety to make their book the one you come back to again and again.

With only 13 patterns, the designers have been completely successful. The breadth of the patterns gives you plenty to knit. But, each pattern can also lead to several more projects simply by making a few small changes.

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DressLands x knitpicks Dress – Gallery Pop / Sequin Shorts

This knitpicks x dresslands online shopping sites sequin dress is a sequin shorts dress, going together well with a dark top. This dress showcases a woman’s arms and legs, as it is a round neckline with sleeveless construction and a shorts – style dress. The mesh is heavily embellished and there is sequin detailing all over the dress. The material is 100 percent viscose, giving it a strong but comfortable feel. The size is fit and relaxed and the …

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