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Podcast Episode 190: New Summer Yarn Extravaganza!

Kelley recently arrived back to our Vancouver, WA office only to find a nice, big pile of yarns on her desk – just waiting to be oohhh-ed and aahhh-ed over. And just which yarns were piled high on Kelley’s desk? Why our new summer yarns of course, which is why this week on the podcast is all about our new summer yarns! Kelley chats with Jenny about two new additions to our line of special reserve yarns – Read more »

Can’t stop spinning!

Thanks to some wheel oil, audiobooks and too many trips to fiber festivals, I’ve been doing a lot of spinning!

I finally plied up the Hanks in the Hood singles, too – it’s just so shiny and bouncy. I really wasn’t sure how the ply would come out, but I am impressed.

I really love the way the colors came out in that yarn. But that
leaves the question that I always have lingering over my handspun…

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Escape from the office!

This past weekend, Hannah, Jenny C., Jenny K. and I all took a trip to OH to once again attend The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA).  This is the industry-only event held a few times a year for yarn and craft businesses to see whats new in the needlework community (including knitting, crocheting, weaving, needlepoint and much more).  We love to chat with local yarn stores who carry our needles (does your LYS?) and meet up with new shops interested in finding out more information.  It’s three days of fun and I love attending (even though by the end of it have very little voice left).

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Up, Up and Away!

Well, it’s that time again. Time for me to make my groggy way to the
airport first thing tomorrow morning, knitting bag in tow to keep my
hands occupied during those tense take-offs, landings and dull layovers.
I was running the list of all the bits and bobs I still need to shove
into my suitcase tonight when I realized that I haven’t actually picked a
project for the trip! All these knitting needles without a stitch of
yarn keeping them cozy. That was a problem for about three seconds until
I remembered the Fightin’ Words mitts pattern.

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Smitten with Single-Ply Yarns

Have you met the newest addition to our special reserve line up – Preciosa? This has got to be one of my favorite special reserve yarns to date, not only was I instantly drawn to the bright, saturated colors (I’m looking at you Ginger and Gecko!) but I have a special place in my world of fiber for single-ply yarns like Preciosa. My needles simply cannot resist the siren song of a single-ply Merino. And because Preciosa is a single-ply, the loose twist really brings out the cushiony softness of the fibers. Although single-ply yarns do require a bit of special attention, I’m always up for the extra care because the end result is just so lovely.

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Craft in Public Week Contest!

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Starting this Saturday is the annual Knit in Public week!

This was started in 2007 as a day for those who craft alone can get together with a bunch of other knitters! It has since grown into a week long celebration – this year it runs from June 9th-17th and if you go to the webpage, you can find events in your area.

Well, we all love the idea of celebrating knitting in public – we do that already! (For instance, the reason I have so many handknit socks? I was on a train for 2-3 hours a day for my communte when I lived in Boston).  But why be so restrictive?  Many of us also crochet or spin in public too!

So we’re going to celebrate Crafting In Public with a new contest!  

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