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Podcast Episode 179: Learning the Quirks of Lace

Love the look of lace but intimidated by the techniques? Let Kelley
guide you through the process of knitting lace as she goes over the
quirks of lace knitting, in addition to tips and tricks for successful
lace projects. Next, Kelley chats about one of her favorite things to do
while knitting or spinning – listening to audiobooks! Kelley gives an
overview of audible (an audiobook service) as well as several reviews of
recently completed audiobooks she has enjoyed listening to while
crafting. Finally, Kelley …

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Technique of the Week: Kelley’s Mitten Class

Whenever I head out the door during the cold winter months, mittens are an essential part to my outfit. My hands always get so cold, especially during those early morning car rides into work – I really don’t know how I would manage without one of my many pairs of mittens! In fact, I have just started to wear holes through the top parts of where the pads of my fingers are on my very favorite pair of mittens. Instead of sulking in the tradegy of my fast fading pair of mitts, I saw this as a great opportunity to make myself another pair. So in honor of my love of mittens, we will kick of Technique Tuesday with Kelley’s Mitten class!

And just what is Technique Tuesday, you ask? Every week, we will feature a different technique, lesson, or video class to help build your crafting skills! Mittens are such a wonderful project for beginning knitters who are familiar with knitting in the round, but want to throw in a few extra skills. In addition to ribbing for the cuff, you will learn how to create a gusset for your thumb through a series of increases, which leads into the hand of the mitten that will later be tapered down through decreasing.

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Inspired Colors – From Past to Present Day

As we talked about in the last color theory blog post,
inspiration for color is all around us. In addition to seeing amazing combinations of
colors in nature, we can even look back through works of art to find patterns
of color combinations that have stayed true for hundreds of years. Continuing
along with our theme of warming up the winter blues, we will take a closer look
at different shade of blue along with colors that are often paired with
blues – including paintings from centuries ago to present day fashion.

When I think of exceptionally lovely uses of the color blue,
I can’t help but think of the 17th century Dutch painter, Johannes Vermeer. Known
best for his domestic scenes of middle class life, Vermeer was also
particularly fond of bright, vibrant shades of blues which were often paired
with bold colors such as yellows, oranges, and reds.

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Needlepoint with Palette

One of the first things I spotted when I joined Pinterest was Karen Barbe’s beautiful diagram of a needlepoint leaf stitch. The chunky yarn, texture of the stitches and overall “squishability” of the stitch instantly caught my imagination. So, I stopped by a craft store on my way home and picked out a roll of needlepoint canvas and set about picking through my Palette stash the minute I walked in the door.

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Book Review – Finishing School

Please, please, please buy Finishing School by Deborah Newton!! 

It’s not that hard to find the time to learn how to knit – take a class, spend an afternoon with a knitting friend or even get trapped next to an enthusiastic knitter on a plane who just happens to carry along extra needles and yarn for spontaneous instructions to total strangers. Of course, by the end of the flight you’ve become lifelong friends but that is another story.

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Modern Romance

Being relatively young, I still have the energy to ask the bland questions: Why should Valentine’s Day matter to us? In this, I mean the Valentine’s Day of you and me—the general, stodgy adults—since I think we can agree that children could never have any objection to candies and little cards and fun days at school.

As it’s a time to acknowledge and reward Romance, let’s also give some thought to love-in-actuality and what endures. Now being in a position to look back some, I can say that I’ve forgotten nearly all of my Valentine’s Day gifts through the years. I’ve certainly forgotten all the flowers and candies and trinkets. I’ve forgotten most of the books and records.


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Warmth for Winter Blues Contest Winnter

Wow – we had over 1500 entries!  I hope you had fun picking your favorite blue yarn and the ideas you listed were great!  I just added a bunch of patterns to my queue from them.

We can only have one winner though.  So congratulations to Jackie! This was her comment:

Shadow lace in Opal Heather is beautiful! It’s evocative of a painting by Monet… <3 It would make an amazing Featherweight cardigan =)  I love blue and gray together and you get an added bonus with all the subtle hues of rose and lemon too.

I quite agree – I love Opal Heather!

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