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It’s not the organizing that’ll kill you!

I had an epiphany last night. I spent Saturday cleaning my closet and
pulling out my stash. Last fall I had organized my stash. I was
inspired by my Sock Summit’s purchases. As I laid everything out on the
living room floor, I pulled up Ravelry. 

I have been very slow catching on to the tools available to me in
Ravelry. I just learned how to search for projects based on the yarn
weight. I decided to see what I could find to use up my collection of
lace yarns. After clicking on the Patterns button on the main Ravelry
page, I put “lace weight yarn” in the Search block.

That’s when I realized that organizing my stash isn’t really the
challenge – it’s the assigning of projects that takes time and a lot of
consideration. Without a plan, my stash would go back into my closet
looking much more appealing but likely to sit there forgotten. A
terrible fate for yarns I love.

I still need to make notes in my Springpad system, but look what I found for my lace yarn collection.

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Sock Summit Classes


sock summit sign

Believe it or not, the only time I have ever taken a knitting class was at Sock Summit 2009.  And I only took 2 classes (you can see my write up here, my very first Knit Picks blog post!) So this time around, I decided to fill my schedule – I took a total of 4 classes, one each day, plus I attended Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s lecture as well.  I was very busy all weekend but it was a lot of fun (of course!)


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Three Weekend Baby Blanket

This is the baby blanket I started on our road trip to Seattle. As
usual, I was a “bit” optimistic thinking I would finish the whole thing
over the weekend. One, I forgot how easily I fall asleep riding in a
car. Two, I was completely unprepared for a stunningly beautiful day on
Saturday. Bob, his son Adam and I walked and walked and walked the city.
Then, we went out to dinner with Adam and a couple of his friends.
Yummy, yummy Vietnamese food!

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Winners of the Sock Summit Excitement & Sock Knitting Master Class Giveaway!

We’ve selected our winners for the Sock Summit Excitement & Sock Knitting Master Class Giveaway.  Thank you to everyone who participated! 
Using a random number generator, we selected:
#151 – Laurie Lamoureux and#27 – Karen Reinhart
Our winners have each been emailed and once we hear back, we will send their prizes out right away.  If you didn’t win but would still like to have Sock Knitting Master Class, you can purchase it on sale for just $16.17 …

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My day at Sock Summit!

Yes, I know, that is really thick yarn! It is a photo of two irresistable braids of 80% Merino/20% from Wonderland Dye Works that were my first purchase of the day.

After sorting through my stash a couple of weeks ago, I realized that
I still had fingering weight sock yarns from the first Sock Summit! The
good news is that I was still completely in love with those yarns. That
got me to thinking about the first Sock Summit and what I say to people
when they ask me about it.

I always explain it as being like visiting a large art museum. Each
independent dyer has her, or his, color sensibility. Seeing booth after
booth made that clear in a way I couldn’t resist. Sort of like Monet and
Picasso and Degas.

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Sock Summit Excitement & Sock Knitting Master Class Giveaway!

This contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated! To find out who won, click here: WINNERS

After months of waiting and nervously registering for classes, the
second Sock Summit is finally here! Everyone at the office has been
reminiscing about the last Sock Summit, all the fun that was had, and of
course – all the sock yarn that was aquired. Funny enough, I catch
myself saying “Last year at Sock Summit…” but it was actually two
whole years ago! And we are lucky enough to have Sock Summit here in
Portland again this summer.

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