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Last stop: Scotland!

Did you catch the Fair Isle reference in yesterday’s post?  In case you don’t understand what Fair Isle has to do with Scotland, here’s a little history for you. Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours. It is named after Fair Isle, a tiny island in the north of Scotland, that forms part of the Shetland islands.  This is the last stop on Kerin’s journey around the world.  If you were playing along …

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Kerin’s Knitting in Peru!

In yesterday’s post, you might have noticed that Kerin was wearing an amazing hat with little llamas along the top.  If you guessed that she would be in Peru, you guessed right! 
While Kerin knits happily away amongst the friendly Alpacas in Peru, she daydreams of her next location.  My goodness, her Fair Isle sweater is just lovely!

Can you guess where she’ll be next?  If you have any ideas, be sure to post them in …

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Kerin’s Knitting in Alaska!

Did you guess correctly?  If you missed our post yesterday, we are having a contest to see if you can guess where Kerin is knitting around the world in celebration of World Wide Knit In Public Week.  Yesterday’s post showed a picture of Kerin’s trunk that contained a fishing vest.  Where better to fish than in Alaska’s beautiful rivers.  As you may have seen in our recent interview with Kerin, she LOVES to knit while she fishes.  Looks like she …

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Celebrating World Wide Knit In Public Week!

It’s World Wide Knit in Public Week and to celebrate, we’ve got Kerin going on lots of adventures!  Monday through Thursday of this week, we will be posting pictures of Kerin knitting in different parts of the world.  Friday, Kerin will arrive in her final destination and from there, begin her long trip back home.
Here’s where it gets fun for you.  Each day’s picture will include a hint to where Kerin will be the next day.  The first person to …

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Knitting socks in tandem

Remember a couple of months ago when I was struggling with Second
Sock Syndrome. After knitting with the Magic Loop Method several times,
I’ve realized that I prefer knitting with DPNs. It’s just a matter of
personal preference. We have a selection of Magic Loop/DPN sock knitters
in the building. We’ve all tried any new method that has come
around and it’s been fun to watch who ends up using what needles for the
sock knitting.

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Podcast Episode 161: Stitch Dictionary Secrets Revealed

Jenny chats with Kerin about the wonders of stitch dictionaries! If you are new to stitch dictionaries, you will learn all about what they are, how to use them and the history of stitches throughout different cultures. Kerin also shares her own tips and tricks to successfully designing with different lace, cables, textures and colorwork stitches.
Some of the books mentioned during this podcast include the Vogue Stitchionary series, the Harmony Guides from Interweave Press and …

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Belinda Shawl ready just in time for the wedding!

This is the photo from Mason Dixon Knitting: Outside The Lines. You can
see how the pattern caught my attention. The shawl is actually very easy
to knit and it worked up relatively quickly.

I couldn’t have cut it much closer. I finished the shawl one week before
Bob’s nephew’s wedding. Thank goodness lace shawls dry quickly. I was
so happy with the results. One of those times when you have wanted to
make something for ages and it turns out even better than expected.

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