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New Yarn Review Videos

As new yarns have been coming out, we have been working hard to make
sure that we have our brand new yarn review videos to go along with the
latest Knit Picks additions! By now you have probably seen Dishie
a new worsted weight cotton yarn that as the name suggests, is the
ideal choice for dishcloths, home accessories, market bags and more! Alison gives her review of Dishie in this video and has some wonderful ideas for this soft, yet sturdy yarn as well as tips for using Dishie for garments.

Another thing everyone here at Knit Picks is super excited about is
the release of all the new and amazing Tonal yarns! In addition to Shadow and Stroll, we now have a beautiful selection of subtle, tonal colors in both Wool of the Andes and Swish Worsted!
Both of these new additions come in 100 gram skeins and the colors are
just so inpiring – my mind goes right to sweater knitting, even though
summer is (hopefully) right around the corner! I just love the depth and
texture that the tonals add to any project. You can also hear more
about the new tonals as well as tips for working with these hand dyed
beauties in Alison’s yarn review video.

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It seems this week around the office, everyone is talking about socks! (well, maybe it’s just me.)
For one thing, this week we finally got to share our beautiful new colors of sock yarn!


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The dish on Dishie

So, as in most operations where secrecy is paramount, we use ‘code
names’ for our yarns and patterns before they’re released. That way, we
can say things in ‘code’ to each other and avoid tipping off the… oh,
wait. Actually we just use working titles, because that’s easier than
thinking of ‘formal’ names right off the bat. Usually, these working
titles are scrapped and something more descriptive takes their place.
(For instance, I’m sure a lot more people would want to make the ‘Shift Tote‘ than the ‘Intarsia bag’.) Sometimes, though, the working title sticks and you get things like Dishie!

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Having fun with color – Intarsia style!

Intarsia is one of those techniques that seems to strike fear into the heart of many a knitter. But it’s actually not scary at all – the trick is simply to understand what it is that you’re actually doing.

Intarsia is a method by which separate areas of different colors are knit into the same flat piece of work. This can be exceedingly simple, like vertical stripes, or intricate like the Road Trip Totes. What makes it work is the way each working strand of yarn is wrapped around the next at color changes.

If you’ve been curious about Intarsia but weren’t quite sure how to get started, I put together a little video explaining some of the techniques. Take a look!

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An Experiment in Gauge

Gauge is one of those things than can be a bit tricky to get
a hold of when you first start out knitting. Gauge is also one of those things
that will most likely remain finicky even when you have more experience with
it. It is no wonder so many people dislike gauge and swatches as some people
naturally knit loose and others knit tight. I am sure you have heard plenty
about how every person knits slightly different, but that got me thinking…how
much variance is in one’s own knitting? As an experiment in gauge, I decided make
a swatch where I knit using the continental method (how I normally knit) for
the lower half and the English method for the top half.

When knitters talk about gauge, all they are referring to is
how many stitches take up one inch. If you are a loose knitter, you will end up
with larger stitches which results in fewer stitches in each inch. And
conversely, a tight knitter will end up with smaller stitches, resulting in
more stitches in each inch. Depending on what the yarn or pattern that you are
using calls for, a loose knitter may go down in needle size to make up for the
bigger stitches and a tight knitter may up go in needle size to counteract the
smaller stitches.

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New Designer Interviews!

As you may have noticed already, it has been a busy week here at Knit
Picks! Not only have we added lots of new yarny goodness, but there are
also many new kits as well! And if you are like me and love to hear
about the inspriation behind a design or simply how an idea transformed
into a finished project, these designer interview with Kerin are a real

And to pass along the inside scoop on these amazing new
kits, Kerin and I worked together to bring you another round of designer
interviews! You can now see videos for the Shift Totes, the Dimensions
Wrap, the Tiddlywinks Baby Set and the Fancy Feet kit simply by clicking
on the “video” tab when viewing the kit. Besides finding out the spark
of creativity for these patterns, Kerin also mentions specific
construction design and techniques as well as tips and tricks. Another
thing that I really like about these videos is how it adds another way
to see the actual designs knit up, how large they are as well as how
they move and drape.

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Celebrating 1000 IDP patterns with a contest!


Wow wow wow!  We just hit 1000 patterns in the IDP program!  It’s so hard to believe – I’m so excited about how popular this program is with designers and customers alike – it really makes me so very happy.

And who is lucky number 1000?  Why it’s Vonnie, a gorgeous shell by the lovely Kendra Nitta (who says “My last name really is Nitta — but the first syllable is pronounced “neet” not “knit”!”)




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