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Tutorial Photoshoot

This is Spencer, our intrepid photographer. He’s getting all his lights set up in my kitchen so we can photograph a special dyeing tutorial for our June catalog. We were very fortunate to have an overcast day so we didn’t have to deal with bright sunlight coming in the kitchen window.

This is Alison, who has outlined every photo we need to take to go with the step-by-step instructions she’s written. …

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May Projects

The wonderful lace and after five projects are arriving in the mail… !

These are the projects that the Knit Pick’s test knitters have knitted for our May catalog using new spring yarns. The oohs and aahs are heard throughout the building – I even caught our catalog manager in my office sneaking a peak in the boxes that had just arrived. She said she couldn’t stand the wait any longer It becomes like …

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we’re having a “pot(luck) at the end of the rainbow”. Doesn’t everything look delicious? Alison baked that bread from scratch. I had no idea she was so multi-talented!

In addition to wearing a green sweater and gorging myself on bread, vegetable pie, red pepper and asparagus curry, strawberries, and chocolate, I’ve decided to get into the spirit of the day by making a list of all our green yarns. I love …

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Getting ready for Fall ….er, Spring?!

It’s so odd as a garment designer always working several seasons ahead. We’re just about to start work on some new Fall patterns – warm, richly colored, cozy knits. But as for me? I can’t wait to don my summer dresses already! Give me SPRING!
I am so glad for yarns like Shine Worsted and the new Comfy. They allow me to swatch new cable patterns and ideas for fall, but use a warmer-weather palette. Right now with the …

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Styling new yarn

A lot of my job entails staging pretty pictures of yarn, which can be hard work! You see, center pull balls are wonderfully convenient for the knitter, but they aren’t particularly photogenic, so I often end up skeining dozens and dozens of balls of yarn. This week I’m preparing to shoot some photos for web graphics. Luckily, Gloss (middle row) already comes in skeins, so my work there is done. I’m …

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New Calendar!

It has been a busy day on my desk… New books galore are coming in.

But I’m really excited about the new calendar – which will be available this summer. It’s the 2009 “Never Not Knitting” from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot. It’s 365 days of wit and wisdom. So if you enjoy her blog, what a wonderful addition to your desk! Watch for this in the coming week where it will be in the Read more »

More Sock Knitting

I was on vacation last week, doing a HUGE basement repair project, which means hardly any knitting happened. Every time I sat down for more than 10 minutes, I fell asleep! Also, what I’m knitting on is kind of secret. I can at least tell you that it is our Bare Essential yarn, which Alison dyed using Jacquard Acid dyes in purple, emerald and sky blue, but that’s about …

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Vote for your favorite dye color(s)

Yesterday, I dyed some samples of Jacquard Acid dye colors we don’t currently carry. For comparison, here are the colors we do carry. Do you see any colors in the photo above that you’d like us to carry? Please leave a comment with your vote(s) – yes, more than one choice is allowed!
Top row, left to right: navy blue, gun metal, periwinkle, violet, spruce, brilliant kelly green
Bottom row, left to right: scarlet, …

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